Posted by: Anne E. Stuart | September 6, 2012

Another Semester Begins: Welcome Students

It’s the start of another semester.  This marks the beginning of my 11th year at American International College.

This semester, I will once again have my students following the blog. My PSY101: General Psychology I students are doing a similar assignment to what my PSY102 students did last semester – they can either follow my twitter feed (@ae_stuart) or respond to the Friday Five posts each week. In addition to my PSY101 students, I am also giving my Psychology of Human Sexuality students the opportunity to earn some points by responding to either the twitter feed or the Friday Five. As a result, expect there to be frequent links to sexuality research.

Like last semester, everyone please be respectful of one another. Students, my friends follow this blog. All are professionals in a variety of fields, and the world is a small place, you never know if one of them may wind up being your first/next boss – be aware of the impression you make on them. Friends, my students follow this blog, so be aware of the impression you make on them & how that reflects upon me.

Some Back-t0-School Links

Five Things You Can Do to Get Ready for Next Semester (Kendra Cherry) – August 21, 2012

You don’t need to wait until Spring semester for these things. You still have time to get yourself set for this current semester. Kendra Cherry provides five tips that will help you have a (relatively) sane and successful semester. Try to implement these strategies now while things are still fairly easy. You’ll have a better time making them permanent habits than if you wait until things start getting crazy.

Getting Started with APA Format Psychology (Kendra Cherry) – August 23, 2012

Students, you will be expected to use APA style for papers in your psychology courses (and some in other disciplines). Kendra Cherry provides a quick introduction to APA style and links to basic information, examples, and videos about APA style.

APA Style Help

American Psychological Association (APA)

This link is to the official APA Style site. Here you will find many helpful links to APA style. If you are on Twitter, you can also follow APA Style (@APA_Style) and get frequent tweets linking to common issues in APA format.

Freshman Orientation from Kinsey Confidential

Kinsey Confidential: The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University (J. Bradley Blankenship) – August 17, 2012

This post provides links back to many past blogs from Kinsey Confidential. Whether you are a freshman or a returning student, you might want to review this post and its links. Be aware of the world out there in terms of sexual behavior. Be safe, be sane, and be responsible!

Know Your Status

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

If you have had several sexual partners, or even just one sexual partner who has had previous partners before you, you could have been exposed to an STD. Given the prevalence of STDs among college-aged students, and the long-term consequences of untreated STDs, it might be a good idea to get yourself tested. This link will allow you to find STD testing locations near you.



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