Posted by: Anne E. Stuart | July 26, 2012

Busy Summer = No Posts

It’s just one week shy of 3 months without a blog post. Occasionally in that time I’ve stumbled across something I thought might make an interesting post, but that idea often quickly passed after I retweeted the item.

It’s been a busy 3 months. Since my last post:

  • I’ve given and graded finals (including the stack of Experimental Psychology papers).
  • Attended THE LONGEST graduation in school history.
  • Designed and taught an online Human Sexuality course. This was A LOT of work, both in terms of the design and build, and the grading.
  • With a colleague, wrote up two conference proposals (that were accepted) for the Teaching of Psychology Best Practices Conference in the Fall.
  • Worked with a colleague to analyze the data from a project that has been written up into a manuscript to send out for publication. (The manuscript is currently in the hands of some trusted readers for final review before being sent to the journal.)
  • With a colleague, designed a new study that will start running in a couple weeks.
  • Spent a week in Key West, FL. It was an amazing time.
  • Spent a week with the Crud I picked up on the plane flight home from Key West.
  • Did a guest room/home office rearrangement. This involved emptying the guest room of all furniture, repainting the walls, building my husband’s new office furniture, and starting to decorate that room. The former joint office is now my office. So we bought and assembled a sleeper couch for my office, swapped out my desk, and redecorated that room.
  • Finally got around to fixing some chips and holes in the living room and hallway walls. Then repainted four walls.
  • Prepped and restained my kitchen steps and railing that had seen the wear of 8 years.
  • Sanded and am in the process of refinishing my bed frame.
  • And a bazillion other small projects that I’ve overlooked during the school year.

So, if you thought an academic spent the summer sitting around and reading on the beach, you’re envisioning the wrong academic. I think I’ve only slept past 9am a handful of times this summer. (Most of those were the week I was sick.)

Classes start in a little over a month, and I still have prep to do for those. There are also a couple more house projects I’d like to get crossed off the To-Do list before the semester starts. Because, once the semester starts, all free time gets eaten with work stuff.



  1. You’re more than welcome to come work on my house, too.


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