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Friday Five – December 4, 2015

Sorry for the delay in posting this week. The end of the semester slammed full speed into a wall. This past week was not typical of a last week of classes. As I walked through the halls the past two days, it seems that this was the case for many of my colleagues. There were a lot more classes than in the past meeting the full time and doing stuff all week. By the number of students dressed up, a lot of that stuff was presentations.

This is likely the last post for a while. It’s a bonus post for my students. I’m being nice and letting them respond for extra credit. I still haven’t thought about what I’ll be doing with the blog next semester.

To all my students (and colleagues): good luck with your finals; have a safe and restful break. January 13 will be here sooner than we all want.

Here are this week’s links:

PsychCentral (Rick Nauert) – November 30, 2015

I’m all for increasing time outside. I’m also all for reducing crime. A study from the UK has found that contact with nature reduces crime independent of other predictive variables associated with crime.

Psychology Today: The Science Behind Behavior (Utpal Dholokia) – December 1, 2015

It depresses me that news of terrorist attacks at home and abroad are becoming common. In his blog, Utpal Dholokia talks about how this affects consumer behavior.

PsychCentral (Margarita Tartakovsky) – December 2, 2015

I’ll be honest, I’m posting this link so I have a quick place to find it when I need to go back and read it to remind myself to stop battling with anxiety.

New York Magazine:The Cut (Ann Friedman) – November 20, 2015

This is an interesting read regarding some of the cultural changes in sex education and public awareness of sexual issues.

PsyPost (Sam Houston State University) – November 30, 2015

When a woman leaves an abusive relationship, the direct abuse may stop. However, the abusive partner may continue to exert control by threatening to harm or take away the children. This is a real issue. Not reported in the linked report is the fact that most child abductions are by a non-custodial parent or other family member.

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  1. I read the article “Is Safe Sex Going Out of Style?”. When reading the article I did not realize that the rates of STD’s is increasing especially among teens and young adults. It does however make sense that it is only teen and young adults that are being infected more because growing up you are taught that abstinence is the only way to prevent STD’s. They were not taught the importance of condoms because they were just educating teens to stay away from sex. In the article it mentions that teens growing up nowadays do not think that STD’s are a bad thing because there are so many treatments available now. I think that schools need to enforce the important use of condoms and inform teens the dangers of STD’s. Times have changed and the approach about sex needs to change with it. Teens are out having sex regardless of the abstinence education they have received so parents and educators need to inform teens on the importance of safe sex and let them know that STD’s are a serious threat.

  2. I found the fact that safe sex is going out of style to be interesting. Most people think of safe sex as a way not to have a baby and this would stand to reason why if the women was on birth control the man would want to have unprotected sex. This is most likely why people are seeing std’s increasing.

  3. I looked into the article you posted titled “Is Safe Sex Going Out of Style?”. I was a little scared by the statistics stated in this article. Unfortunately it is expected with a growing population and a population that is so engaging in sexual interactions that the number of recorded STD infections have reached an all time high. Especially because in today’s generation, people are having sex at a much younger age and are usually less educated about sex. I know from my own experiences in high school we were required to take a course on sex education and I don’t recall the main theme being abstinence. The teacher explained sex is a natural part of life but it is important to be safe and protected. They even showed us how to correctly put a condom on. Since schools have stopped doing this it is certain that the world is highly uneducated.

  4. How to stop viewing anxiety as your enemy:
    I’m not so sure that I think that anxiety in this sense can be viewed as much less than disruptive. Yes, I think that we all have a bit of anxiety when it comes to doing something out of our comfort zone, but the debilitating anxiety, that prevents you from enjoing life can be very depressing for many – I don’t believe that dealing with it is a choice for a lot of people, so I don’t know how helpful it would be to pretend a pillow is your anxiety and throw it out the window or cuddle it like a baby.

    How terrorist attacks influence consumers behaviors:
    When terrorist attcks occur, particularly over the recent years with domestic terrorism and mass shootings, its common to think “that could’ve happened here – in my town”. I know that last week, after San Bernardino, it hit me hard and a bit personally. While I momentarily thought about moving to Canada, where you don’t hear about these things happening, I also realized that I don’t really want to. After the 9/11 attacks, I think that there were many people that decided that flying may not be for them, but I don’t believe that these terrorist attacks will effect shopping at a local mall or enjoying a movie – unless this is something that perhaps triggers one’s anxiety.

  5. I agree that safe sex is going out of style especially on college campuses. A lot of sexual interactions happen in a spontaneous fashion whether its after or even during a party so either partner may not have protection on hand. It is pretty normal for two people in a serious, committed relationship to have unprotected sex because they trust that there are no additional partners. This is not usually the case on college campuses which is why last year over 40% of the AIC campus contracted chlamydia. The ladies in health services held a program to inform us about the climb in STDs. There are a few sex education programs and sex toy parties of campus that provide free condoms (male and female) but they happen about once a semester. If students had better access to fee condoms there is a chance that they would be more likely to use them. However, there is also the possibility of students decorating the hallways with them.

  6. Anxiety is a thing that I see often but I don’t think I can relate to it because I don’t know what it feels like. When people explain it to me Its hard to tell the difference between stress and nervousness. At track meets one of my teammates has pretty bad anxiety to the point where no one can calm her down. When I am going to compete at a track meet I work to overcome the fear of not reaching my goals and things like that.
    There are also a few people in my family who have anxiety attacks. This level of anxiety is one that I can empathize for but not sympathize. I recognize that it is a mental problem but I don’t see how people could worry about the things that don’t really matter. This may be because i have a very laid back, nonchalant personality. I wish I could help these people become more carefree.

  7. Women in abusive relationships usually find the strength to leave because they are worried about the safety of their children or because they wan to live to raise their children. Out of all the times I hear about domestic violence I don’t think I have ever thought about the male partner abusing the child as well. I have heard that children are more likely to become abusive in future relationships if they see their parents abusing one another. This article goes to show that a man who would abuse a woman is mentally unstable because there is a chance that he will also threat to abuse his child.


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