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Friday Five – November 13, 2015

Another busy week. I think that is going to be the trend for the remainder of the semester. (Only 12 days of classes left!) Thankfully, I only have 2-3 more Fridays to cover with Friday Five posts. Not sure what I’ll do next semester. I’m not teaching Intro, so I won’t be requiring a course to interact w/my social media on any regular basis unless I work it into other courses.

Without further delay, here are this week’s links:

National Geographic (Christy Ullrich Barcus) – November 11, 2015

In honor of Veteran’s Day this week, I figured I’d lead with a link on how rescue dogs are helping veterans with PTSD. This National Geographic piece (with brief video) tells of the K9s for Warriors program that partners rescue dogs with veterans.

Psychology Today (Robert Burriss) – November 12, 2015

Psychology Today reports on a forthcoming study from Personality and Individual Differences that looked at the characteristics of people who post a lot of selfies.

Happily Imperfect: PsychCentral (Sharon Martin) – November 11, 2015

Sharon Martin discusses the reasons people procrastinate. If you’ve identified yourself as a procrastinator, then you may also want to read her follow-up blog on Six Simple Solutions to Cure Procrastination.

My Modern Met (Anna Gragert) – November 5, 2015

How does what you’re told about a person impact how you view that person? Cannon Australia did an experiment where they told each of six photographers a different story about the man they would photograph. What happened is fascinating. The link shows both the 6 images (1 from each photographer) and the video of the whole experiment.

Shots: Health News from NPR (Angus Chen) – November 12, 2015

Although I just finished up the chapter on sexually transmitted diseases in my human sexuality course, I only briefly touched on how infections can get passed from mother to child during pregnancy and/or childbirth. Then this link came across my twitter stream, yesterday. The number of babies affected by congenital syphilis has been rising in recent years.

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  1. I completely agree that perfectionists procrastinate out of fear of failure. I like things perfect but I always think I will fail. Some of the classes I take like human sexuality is a challenge for me, I want to learn and get an A but my brain has a hard time comprehending and when I receive a score that is not to my liking it creates dread. Also I push things down to the wire at times because I work well under pressure and know the executions. I make a to do list for every day and get a sense of pride when I can cross something off of that list. The article said something about a never ending list and that seems so correct for me, its whatever I do not get done on the first day I leave for the next day. I personally bite off more than I can chew and it leaves me stressed and overwhelmed most of the time I agree with this article. It’s not that I don’t budget my time wisely its just their aren’t enough hours in a day.

  2. My husband is a combat veteran who suffers greatly with PTSD. It’s very hard to describe what PTSD does to a person unless you live with it day in and day out. It’s a whole different world. There’s a lot of anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors and hypervigillence. We have two rather large dogs who know the type of mood he’s in. One dog, Chinook, who weighs about 130 lbs actually gives hugs that feel so warm and protective. Although I that extensive therapy is needed in severe cases, service dogs would act not only as a companion but something watching over you like they had in combat. They call it ” I’ve got your six” or ” I’ve got your back in civilian terms. Dogs pick up changes in their humans such as anxiety which could lead to a panic attack. With the dog incidence could lessen and make the veteran feel calmer. The best part of this program is they are rescuing dogs from death and training them to protect a persons life. Together they save each other and that in itself brings a comforting bond.

  3. So I decide to read the article about procrastination and I agree with all the points it stated in the article. In most cases people wait to last minute to do something is because mainly they do not enjoy the task, don’t how to start it, and rather or not the they will fail on whatever it is they are doing at the time. I believe that if your not doing well in something you put it until the last minute because in the back your mine you will remember that you failed the last time. Another thing about procrastination is if you feel like you going to have a lot work to do get all the big things you know can do 1st then come back to the thing you don’t enjoy doing at the end so can get it done in a timely matter so there be no procrastination.

  4. How Rescue Dogs are helping Veterans with PTSD
    This article interested me because I am a friend of a veteran. Veterans need all the help from any resources Americans can provide for them. Soldiers who suffer from PTSD need to be taken care. Being that “dog is man best friend” is ironic that a rescue dog is somewhat a caregiver to a war veteran instead of a human.

    The Personality profile of the selfie addict
    Even though I feel this study was not really effective it did gave some insights on selfies and self esteem. The article explains that individuals with low esteem will be more eager to promote themselves to higher that self esteem. Now a person with a stable self esteem will just post without fearing criticism. That point stand out to me because I am frequent user of social media and majority of the time an assumption, can be made based on a person profile regarding self esteem.

  5. 5 Real Reasons You Procrastinate:
    Whenever I am attempting to do homework or study for exams I always find myself spacing out or procrastinating. A lot of the time I am messing around on my phone or my computer, or I come up with some sort of excuse to do the work later. I think that when we feel overwhelmed with work our first thought is not to work harder to get some of it done but to take more breaks or stop completely. No one likes doing homework or studying so they almost always have a negative attitude before they even start so already they’ll be more tempted to procrastinate.

  6. How Rescue Dogs Are Helping Veterans with PTSD:
    It is truly amazing how something as simple as a trained dog can change and even save a veterans life. It makes me upset when I hear the stories of how veterans risk their lives for our freedom and end up taking their own lives after returning home from PTSD. I think that K9’S for Warrior’s Organization is truly amazing and if it can be used to help treat a veteran with PTSD without the use medication then there is no safer alternative. I hope to see more organizations like these flourish in the years to come and the suicide rate in war veterans drop substantially.

  7. Many people including myself procrastinate multiple tasks such as homework or a project or getting a certain job done because we might not like the task or it my seem difficult we try to avoid it as much as possible. It could also be that we don’t know how to fit time in to do that task and the only way it would get finished is at last minute. Feeling overwhelmed also plays a role in procrastination, feel as though you took on way too many task than you could handle. Putting yourself down plays another part, feeling as though your best isn’t going to be good so you don’t bother to attempt. And selective attention plays a part. Just like if i were to study and the t.v is on I’m going to pay attention to the t.v. rather than pay attention to my notes and its the same if your friends are over and they’re goofing around while your trying to study. Perfectionism is when someone believes everything has to be perfect and this still follows along with procrastination. Have the fear of failing at the task you try to achieve, may fear criticism, correcting minor things that’ll prevent you from completing the task, try to make everything perfect so you waste time, lose sight of priorities and you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

  8. An organization in Ponte Verda Beach, Florida is pairing shelter dogs with veterans who coping from PTSD. The dogs mainly come from kill shelters and they train the canine to become a service dog to help that individual and their families. The purpose of the veterans having a service to empower the heroes and help them begin their life. Service members adopt military working dogs and about 2,500 service dogs were trained to detect improvised explosive devices.

  9. Five reasons you procrastinate:
    Unfortunately, I was able to relate to this article very well. While there are often times tasks that may be undesirable or lower on the priority list, I find that I’m overwhelmed simply because I have an issue delegating tasks to others. I also read the ways to deal with procrastination, but all the advice and tips won’t help you if you aren’t ready to take control of the issue and want to make the changes.

    More babies in the US are dying from congenital syphillis:
    This article shows that a lack of prenatal care and/or education is the cause for these deaths. There are programs out there to help people access these types of care… Are people aware of them? Are doctors and health care providers educating mothers on the issue? Is this because of financial reasons? Or is I just a simple cause of trying to protect your baby? Doctors are so quick to suggest medications that when it may really make a difference people second guess it

  10. This week I read two articles on the blog. The First is the on on PDSD that that many veterans are suffering from. This is a serious case. And it is very encouraging to know that program such as the K9s for worriers have been put in place to help these vet. They deserve to be look after and care for. Dogs can be a true companion and if they are train in such a beautiful way to help these heroic man and women it is very nice. And the video is very impressive and brought me to tears.
    It is good to have someone or something there that you don’t have to tell your feelings to all the time but they just know how you feel.
    The next article I read was on 5 thing that can cause a person to procrastinate. And lately I realized that I have been procrastinating a lot. And the first four reason mention touch me very much. I feel that I am overwhelmed, I have lost interest in things I care about, and did not even realize it until I read this article. Well it is time for me to work on that. Thanks for the article I love them and they keep me on my toes.

  11. How Rescue Dogs are helping Veterans with PTSD:
    This article/ video was very interesting, amazing and personal. My brother suffered from PTSD as he served in the military and in Afghanistan. To hear the stats that 22 veterans commit suicide is jaw dropping, but to see the effect that the dogs are giving these men and women is even better. I wish every veteran would reach out do this, not only are the dogs saving a life, the veteran is saving the dogs life as well. I think this concern is too controversial and people don’t talk about it as much as they should. But this video shed a new light on the subject and people should really look into it for themselves or a loved one that is suffering from PTSD. I love this article and wish more people could watch the video. Many veterans think they don’t have anywhere to turn to after the war, but the dogs bring a whole new level to the meaning of life to these men. The part that was the most surprising was that the men that were working with the dogs, not one has tried to commit suicide

    6 Photographers Invited to Photograph 1 Man Reveal the Power of Perspective:
    This was another eye opening article/video. Each photographer got a different story about the man and then portrayed his back ground with a single picture. The two pictures I found the most interesting was how they portrayed the fisherman and the ex-con. The fishermen was laid back with a cricked smile going on, the ex-con picture, all you saw was his head and his facial expression wasn’t showing him as being a nice person. This was eye-opening because I think this has a lot to do with the media. A lot of people just see the picture and they already have their opinions made about that person. It’s kind of like the cliché saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” and this really showed us why we shouldn’t. I really like this article and think more people should watch it.


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