Posted by: Anne E. Stuart | September 2, 2015

Has it Really Been a Year?

Another semester…
Another year…
Another attempt to revive the blog.

Once again, I am providing my students the opportunity to earn some course credit by following my blog. I have two classes that have this opportunity, so I hope I will do a better job of posting regularly. I’m aiming to bring back the Friday Five. But to make life easier for me, I’m not going to spend as much time summarizing the links I provide.

Students: to get your credit, make sure to post your responses on this blog. Do not make the mistake of students of past semesters and comment on the linked source.

For the curious, here’s a brief recap since the last post.

  • Manuscript

My co-author and I finally got notice that our Teaching of Psychology article will appear in 2016!

  • Conference Submissions

Still going strong on those. Have a presentation later this month and have two presentations in October.

  • Running

After nearly 18 months of not running, I needed some motivation to get back into it. I ran the Newport 10 Miler in June 2015. I didn’t really do my best in terms of training, but I liked the long runs and the race distance. So, challenging myself to do better, I signed up to run the Newport Half Marathon in October. I’ve joined a local training group, and hoping to put in a faster time than my first half marathon.

  • Human Hatchling

My son is now 19 months old. It’s amazing to watch him develop and learn.



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