Posted by: Anne E. Stuart | September 1, 2014

A Lot Happens in 18 Months

Another semester has begun, and I am providing my students the opportunity to earn some course credit by following my blog. That means I actually need to post on a more regular basis than every 18 months!

So, what have I been doing in that time? Obviously, not having my students follow my blog. I thought I’d go back to my post from January 25, 2013 to start with the recap.

  • Manuscript

After several rounds of Revise and Resubmit, the manuscript was finally accepted by Teaching of Psychology for publication. Not sure when it will appear in press, but it’s done!

  • Conference Submissions

Still going strong on those. Had three conference presentations last academic year. Have two presentations already lined up for this October.

  • New Course Development – Course 1

The Social Influence course ended up going rather well. Students and I both enjoyed it.

  • New Course Development – Course 2

In the Fall 2013 semester, I taught a course designed to introduce students to writing within the social sciences. It was a pilot test of the course, and it had some bumps, but it went well. I’m teaching the course for a second time this fall.

  • Half Marathon Training

I ran the Long Branch Half Marathon on May 5, 2013. I finished with a time of 02:51:33.

  • Student Loans

My student loans were officially paid off in April 2013. Nothing like spending as much time paying off one’s education as one spent earning it.

  • Hatching a Human

Much to nearly everyone’s surprise, I hatched a human. On February 1, 2014 my son was born. He’s an amazing little guy, and it’s hard to believe he’s already 7 months old.



  1. This is the first time I have been on your blog and I have enjoyed thus far! The social influence course seems rather interesting and I would love to hear more about that. Seeing that I am a psychology major, learning different aspects of of psychology of a whole would be nice. Congratulations on your new born. I loved the story in class last week when you told us about how you call your son puppy. I am also a dog lover so my dogs are my babies. Also I admire your strive to run that marathon. I personally could have never done that. How inspirational.


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