Posted by: Anne E. Stuart | January 25, 2013

Friday Five: January 25, 2013

I’m not having any of my courses interact with my blog for credit this semester, and this clearly decreases my motivation to post with any regularity. I’ve given some thought to what to do with blog posts this semester, and think that I’ll aim for at least posting the first Friday of each month. That’s four posts I’m committing myself to – I think I can manage that without the pressure of students needing me to post so they can do their assignments.

This week doesn’t count as one of those posts. Instead, I figured I would take a twist on my Friday Five posts and update readers in regards to the status of five ongoing projects.

  • Manuscript

Last semester, my colleague and I had submitted a manuscript to the Teaching of Psychology for consideration for publication. We heard back during final exams that the reviewers like the concept, but would like to see some revisions. In academic jargon, this is revise and resubmit. This is actually the second best thing that can happen in regards to a manuscript. We’re excited about it. But it also means we need to get to work on doing those revisions and then resubmit it.

  • Conference Submissions

My colleagues and I had our submission for the Farmingdale Teaching of Psychology Conference accepted.

My colleague and I had our submission for the Teaching Professor Conference accepted. We are very excited about this. Our submission was one of the 59 selected from over 250 submissions. This is also a national, inter-disciplinary conference, so our work will get a much broader exposure from what we are used to.

  • New Course Development

My department created a new course where faculty can share their area of expertise with students. I’m the guinea pig running the first offering of this course. I’m teaching an interactive seminar on Social Influence. Three classes in, it seems to be going pretty well – at least the students seem excited.

  • Half Marathon Training

I officially started training for the Long Branch Half Marathon on January 8th. I’m following Jeff Galloway’s plan, so this weekend I have a 5 mile run scheduled. After this point, every new distance will officially be the longest distance I’ve ever run. I am thankful that the past two weekends have been relatively nice, weather-wise, and I’ve been able to run outside at the Quabbin. I’m not certain the weather will cooperate this weekend – it’s predicted to be 24 out. I may have to spend over an hour on a treadmill – oh joy. (My current training pace hangs around 14:00/mile, my race pace from past races is closer to 13:00/mile. I’ll be happy if I can do the full 1/2 marathon distance at under 15:00/mile – that’s the limit in terms of qualifying v. getting kicked off the course.)

  • Student Loans

I am on track to have my loans for my 11 years of college (undergraduate and graduate combined) paid off in May. Had I paid attention to my loans as a student, I could have paid things off much sooner and with much less money. Students, take note if you have Stafford Loans. Pay attention to what are subsidized and what are unsubsidized loans. The subsidized loans do not accumulate interest while you are still in school and deferring payments. The unsubsidized loans do accrue interest. The bulk of the money I am paying off comes from two unsubsidized loans taken out when I was a Freshman and Sophomore. By the time I finished my Ph.D. in 2002, they had accumulated 10 years of interest. Had I known about the specifics of the loans, I probably could have scraped up the money to pay the interest while I was in graduate school.




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