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Friday Five – October 5, 2012

It’s nice to see the sun today after a rather gloomy and grey week. I’m also glad to finally be feeling better. It’s that point of the semester when the first bug makes its rounds through the students and faculty. At one point this week, I think every faculty member in my department was sick. We still sound a bit snuffly. Good thing we have a three-day weekend.

It was nice to be a little less busy and actually have some time to go through making this week’s picks. Unlike last week, there are write ups with this week’s links. There is definitely some variety this week, and several links I think many classes will find of interest. Enjoy!

Psychology Today: Memory Catcher (Laura Deutsch) – September 30, 2012

As those who followed the blog last spring know, I am a procrastinator. I have always been. When it comes to my work life, I have managed to be fairly successful and work with my procrastination. If I’m working on a project that needs to get done, I’ll schedule intermediate deadlines. I’ll even schedule meetings with a co-worker so I’m accountable to someone else. It’s a whole lot easier to make excuses to myself than to someone else.

 As Laura Deutsch points out, there are a number of strategies to overcome procrastination (or learn to work with one’s tendencies). Students, it’s not too early to start trying to overcome procrastination. You won’t likely suddenly change and become time efficient upon graduation and getting a job. Chances are, you’ll have several years of bad habits that you’ll have to fight to overcome.

Huffpost: Gay Voices (Amelia) – October 1, 2012

This link came to me via a friend I follow through my personal Twitter account. I really liked this post by a mother discussing her young son’s desire to have a “Likes Boys” shirt like the one worn by the character Kurt on Glee. It’s a story of realistic parenting in today’s world.

Slate (Daniel Engber) – October 2, 2012

I admit that I make a point in my statistics and methods courses of making sure my students get that correlation does not equal causation. In my department, we’ve even jokingly threatened that we’ll quiz graduates about this as they line up prior to commencement. (Get it wrong and you won’t graduate.) I never thought my students would stop there and then use the phrase as a missile to instantly shoot down the results of ANY correlational study. Yikes, at least give researchers some credit in regards to not wasting our time. Why would we spend all our time designing, conducting, and writing up (the worst part, in my opinion) research using correlational designs if it was all for naught?! Really, we have better things to do with years of our lives.

CBS News: Sunday Morning – September 30, 2012

During the week, I retweeted a link to a shorter summary of this study. I was drawn to read the longer summary by the finding that when, as part of a study, researchers asked college students to go without their phones for 24 hours, 70 percent of the students dropped out of the study.

 I’ll admit I’m quite connected to my phone and my friends, even though I don’t text anywhere near as often as others I know. But I do recall a trip to the Canadian Maritimes last summer when I was essentially without my phone for a week. (I wasn’t willing to pay the extra fees for text and data while out of the country.) I was a bit twitchy throughout the day, and very happy when hotels had a wi-fi connection and I could access Twitter and GoogleTalk.

Slate (Katie Roiphe) – October 4, 2012

This sounds like a thought paper topic I would give my Human Sexuality students. In fact, I may just include it in future semesters (or maybe even this semester – we don’t cover porn as a topic until the end of the semester). Personally, I like the father’s reaction in this story. It’s another example of realistic parenting in today’s world.

And another bonus link for my Intro Psych students. Note: this does not count towards a link to comment on for your Web Assignment. I’m providing this as helpful information for you. Psychology (Kendra Cherry) – October 3, 2012

After seeing their scores on Monday’s exam, some of my Intro students need to think about this as well as last week’s link on Overhauling Study Habits. It’s not a matter of finding large chunks of time to spend studying, but to make use of lots of smaller 10 – 15 minute spans that often are wasted.



  1. The first article I read was “My 7-Year-Old Son..” I don’t think it was wrong for the parents to want to get him the shirt. They want to teach him that he needs to be himself and love himself no matter what. I think the rules they made for when he can wear the shirt was good because they want him to be who he is but they don’t want him to get taunted for it. I do think he is a tad bit young for that shirt but then again he loves fashion and the latest trends so why not get it for him. He probably would be a fashion designer or something like it when he’s older so just let him do it now.

    The second article I read was “Kids and Porn..” I agree that porn and playboy magazines does give teenagers a reason to think that that’s how women should look. You see the same type of women protrayed in them so it gives kids, more boys, to think that’s how girls should look. I think parents should try to educate their children on porn at about 13 so they know why they really shouldn’t watch it especially at a young age. I think a good idea is to do what the father did in the beginning. It was smart and it didn’t make it seem as if he was mad at the child instead it was like he was trying to educate him. I think teenagers learn more when parents aren’t screaming at them. If you just sit down and talk to them then maybe you can reduce the chance of them watching at such a young age.

  2. The two articles I chose to read were “Texting:Can we pull the plug on our obsession?”, and “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later”.

    I found the article about texting particularly interesting because it has affected so many people, including myself. I have noticed lately, that more and more people are becoming dependent on texting. What was once seen as a want, is slowly becoming a need. While I walk around it is nearly impossible to find a person without a phone out. At times, texting has become dangerous. It slowly draws attention away from the real world. It is scary how the phrase, “why talk when I can text?” is becoming commonly used.

    After reading the article about procrastination, I felt motivated. The article is very helpful, it gives easy ways to beat a tough obsession. The problem with procrastination is that it is so easy. One can simply find a stupid task that will take them away from something important. The problem of procrastination is slowly becoming world-wide. It is no longer simply a problem of students, but of workers, parents, or anyone that has free time. This article hit home for me as I have a problem of procrastination. Hopefully, after following these rules, I will be able to be procrastination free.

  3. I read “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later” and “You Found Your 13-Year-Old’s Porn Stash”

    “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later” did not really give good tips on how to stop procrastinating. It gave me basic time management skills. It is not that easy. No one wants to build a schedule and follow everyday. It might work for some but not me. I would get bored of a schedule life. I like to do what I need to then do what i want then if there is any time left, ill start future projects. The reason why i procrastinate is because i know its not due until a certain date and i cant get determination to do it until the night before. That is just how i am. I probably do better when i do it the night before because i have an urge to do it and i get it done. Everyone is different though, we all procrastinate differently.

    You Found Your 13-Year-Old’s Porn Stash was a little more humorous. The question that is asked in this article is “what should you do”, the answer is simple. NOTHING. It is the beginning of a boys teenage years, he is going to experiment new things that his friends are doing. Does not mean its wrong. If it is not hurting the kid nor hurting someone else why not let it be. Thats what i think. The kid would have seen it eventually so it is good that they found it sooner so they know what they are dealing with. Its a part of every mans life (and even some girls). Just let the kid be.

  4. The two articles I read was “You Found Your 13-Year-Old’s Porn Stash” and
    “My 7-Year-Old Son Wants a ‘Likes Boys’ T-Shirt, and Here Is Why He’s Going to Get It.”

    The first article that I read was the porn stash one. I found the article funny because thats what some teenagers do as they grow older. Teenagers become curious with a few things and start to search for answers. My parents also gave me a talk when I was about that age about sex. Another thing about the article is that porn magazines do give teenagers the idea of what people should look like. Then everyone starts to look for someone with that similar image. At the end of the situation its better that the parents break the subject down to the kids soon.

    The second article that I read was “My 7-Year-Old Son Wants a ‘Likes Boys’ T-Shirt, and Here Is Why He’s Going to Get It.” I respect the parents love towards their son but I would not accept that in my house. In the Bible God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and another man. This is just how I was raised. Then along with that the parents are encouraging the situation by buying him these items pretty much letting him know its okay to like men. At the end of the situation i do not agree with the parents decision.

  5. The two articles I read were “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later” and “My 7-Year-Old Son Wants a ‘Likes Boys’ T-shirt, and Here Is Why He’s Going to Get It.”

    In the first article, the author made a point of how easy it is to distract yourself and procrastinate. The author’s ideas of how to stop procrastinating made sense because you need to motivate yourself to get things done. Making appointments and having a calender (staying organized) can help you get something done.

    The second article was about how the author’s son wanted a “Likes Boys” t-shirt from the show “Glee”. The son identified himself as someone who likes boys and I respect the parents for being so supportive and loving of their son. I also like that they were protective of him and giving him limits on where to wear his shirt. I agree when the author says that it is sad that we live in a society where a shirt like that is such a big deal.

  6. One of the articles i read was ” I’ll stop procrastinating later”. As me myself being a procraistinator i found this article interesting and informative. I often find myself stressed and waiting till the very last minute to do things. Some of the tips i read from the article sounded like they would help me. Such as setting time restraints for myself and putting aside times to strictly work on one thing or another. Hopefully i can put those tips to good use and i found that article helpful.

    The second article i read was “My 7-Year-Old Son Wants a “Likes Boys” T-Shirt, and Here’s Why He’s Going to Get It”. I thought this article would be a good read because we all know we’ve been there, and i wondered what the father had done in this story. I thought what the father had done in that instance wasn’t wrong in any way, but i agree with the author. Things our parents sometimes tell us, especially at the age of 13, go in one ear and out the other. I found it interesting to think that the author suggested not doing anything in the intance you catch your son viewing porn at 13. However it makes sense, because i believe people learn through finding things out on their own, not being told how it is.

  7. The first article I read was “How many Hours a Week Do You Study for Your Psychology Class?”
    I chose this one because I really should have studed more for last weeks quiz. I can relate to the first girl they polled. There simply just aren’t enough hours a day to fit everything in.Especially with working, commuting, school, studying and last but not least sleeping. This is where time management plays a good role in college life. I also read this article to see if I could learn a thing or two about studying. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I studied for a test or quiz. High school was really easy for me. Not because I’m a genius or anything. My classes were much smaller which gave us all one on one attention. For the next test I will most definatly use these tips about studying in moderation versus studying in clumps. I might also look in to the study groups.

    The second article I read was “You Found Your 13 year olds Porn Stash”.
    The author of this article said they didn’t think this was an issue which I see where they would get that but I also see why it is a very big issue. She went on to say that she read a story on the internet about how a father wrote his son a letter after the son was caught. The father was basically saying that everyone around his age does something along those lines, also that he did it himself. I do not have kids but watching my mother raise four by herself I’ve learned a thing or two. “They’ll walk out the front door or they’ll jump out their window.” Kid’s are going to do what they want. I’m not saying buy your kid porn or dirt magizines but simply on small things like this turn a blind eye to it,

  8. I found the article “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later” an interesting read. I myself being a procrastinator fond some of the tips they gave pretty helpful. I’m the type to usual wait to do the work a day or two before the due date. In the end I end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed by everything because I didn’t take my time to do the work. I rushed and tried to finish it as quickly as I could.

    The second article that I read “My 7-Year-Old Son Wants a “Likes Boys” T-Shirt, and Here’s Why He’s Going to Get It” was also an interesting read. I don’t think it was bad to get their child that shirt. They are just showing him how to be himself and do his own thing. Also, I thought that the rules his parents gave him on limits to wear the shirt was a good idea as well.

  9. The first article I read was “How many hours a week do I study for my psychology class” this article was very informative, but i don’t like to study for15 minute periods… I like to study for an hour four times a week for this class but I think that this may not be enough. I need to put more time in, I am willing to try the 15 min 6 times a day for four days for two of my classes and I will see if there will be any significant difference in grades.

    The second article was about texting, I like the article but I didn’t like that they started talking about excessive texting then jumped to teaching elder people using search engines online… Our phones are used for many other things other than texting but some people truly love to text. Personally I love to text than to call but my cellphone has been very valuable to me also for email, shopping online, searching for information, picture mail e.t.c.

  10. The two articles I decided to read were “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later” and “”Texting” Can We Pull the Plug on Our Obsession”.

    I agree with the first article because there should be absolutely no reason for your assignments being left until the last minute. Yes, I procrastinate too, but I’m slowly working on it. A simple way for others to get assignments done and prevent procrastination is doing your work right when it’s assigned to you.

    For the second article think the texting is a hard habit to break but it could be done. Like you could only text if it’s an emergency and you need to get to someone quickly. Letting go of the habit may be hard for teens that constantly text but over time the habit could be let go. Also people with the bad habit will become more prone to texting while driving

  11. The two articles that I decided to read were “My 7-Year-Old Son Wants a ‘Likes Boys’ T-Shirt, and Here Is Why He’s Going to Get It,” and “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later”.

    In the first artice I really like that the parents were so supportive of their son’s sexual oreintation.They just wanted him to be open and honest. Most kids are afraid to reveal that sort of thing to their parents, and this article show that not all parents are disapproving. I think that I would have not bought him shirts like that at such a young age. I dont think that would be very appropriate.

    The tips that they gave in the second article are very helpful. The tip that I really paid attention to was to not surround youself with distractions. When I try to do homework, there are usually alot of distractions around me. Like TV,music, and my phone. It is so easy to get distracted and get pulled away from the important things. Hopefully these tips will keep me on track.

  12. The two articles I read were “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later” and “My 7-Year-Old Son Wants a ‘Likes Boys’ T-Shirt, and Here Is Why He’s Going to Get It,”

    The article about the procrastinating really caught my eye because I do it all the time. I can’t help but get distracted and put things off until the last minute. I actually found the tips to be really helpful. I think that if having a schedule and deadline for when things should be done by will be really helpful. Also going to a new environment to do work, because in the dorms its extremely distracting. Hopefully I can stop procrastinating because it just makes everything stressful.

    The second article was amazing to read about. I love the fact that these parents stand behind there son no matter what. Most kids are afraid to be open about there sexuality because of what their parents will think of them. Its amazing how open this young boy is and how his parents support everything he does. I have heard of many stories where parents aren’t supportive and give their children a hard time. I agree with the parents in this article and how they love their son regardless and as long as he is happy, then they are.

  13. The two articles I read were, “My 7 Year Old Wants a ‘Likes Boys’ T-Shirt’ and Kids and Porn”.

    The first article I thought was very interesting. This article reminded me of Gender Identity Disorder. Kids that age sometimes are confused about who they are. Girls may want to dress like boys and boys may want to dress like girls. I respect the parents becuase they are trying to showing their son to stay true to himself. In the end, even if his parents didnt get him the shirt, he still turned to being gay.

    The second article I thought was very interesting. Kids at that age, especially boys, are very curious. Kids learn from what they see their parents do. It is extremely important that parents teach their kids at that age about the birds and the bees. Being uneducated is bad for kids today. Being caught embarasses kids so when you talk to them about it, it makes them more comfortable.

  14. The first article I read was, “I’ll Stop Procrastinating Later.” Procrastination is one of those things that everyone loves to do, but hates doing it at the same. We are all guilty of putting off a paper or reading until the very last minute. It’s human nature to think that you will have enough time to do something later and use the present time for something other activity. The tips they give are helpful. A change in environment could be effective in helping procrastination. It also would be productive to set a time and place for all of your assignments and activities. That way, you are able to spend a reasonable amount of time on each activity and not get off track.

    The second article I read was, “Texting: Can We Pull the Plug on our Obsession?” Texting has become a significant part of everyday life for the current generation and will continue to play a huge part in generations to come. Texting has provided an outlet for people to speak to others instead of face to face contact or over the phone. Everyone enjoys texting because it is much easier to express your thoughts and opinions over text than other venues. The dangers with texting always loom and people won’t take notice until serious laws are put in place, which is unfortunate.

  15. the two articles that I thought were interesting were “My 7-year-old son wants a ‘Likes Boys’ T-shirt,” and “You Found Your 13-Year-Old’s Porn Stash”

    In the first article I really thought that it was cool that the 7 year old boy’s parents were supportive of the boys sexuality not many parents are supportive of their children sexuality. Not many kids or adults would have been this open and honest with their parents, but a seven year old was. I thought that was a great thing because kids are so innocent and society hasn’t gotten to them yet.

    To be honest if I found my son with a porno stash I wouldn’t have a problem with it because I know my son is exploring his sexuality at a normal age. I would expect a father to be fine with his son having a porno stash but a mother would act differently.

  16. My 7-Year-Old Son Wants a ‘Likes Boys’ T-Shirt, and Here Is Why He’s Going to Get It…
    Is one of the most disturbing articles i read so far. I do not agree with parents discission in this case. I know thats your son and you should not get mad about who he is or wants to be, witch is dating or have strong feelings for the same sex, but you shouldnt encourage that nor promote it by wearing shirts that display “I LIKE BOYS”. So i would have to disagree on the parents discission in this passege.

    You Found Your 13-Year-Old’s Porn Stash….
    If i found my son’s porn stash or daughters..First i would ask where did you get these from. Who made you or encouraged you to watch this. Why do you want to watch this. Do you know what these are. and How long have you been doing this. If it was my son, i wouldnt punish him because he is a boy he enventually going to do it anyway. If it was my daughter, i will tell her about the consequences of being a porn star, ask her is she having sex and if its protective, and why at this age are you participating in this type of behavior.

  17. the article i read about procrastination was very helpful. i would consider my self one of the worlds most horrible person when it comes to getting work done in a timely fashion. Alot of the tips that were found in that article are things that i have already tried to do. Hopefully i can try them again and they might do some good. the article that i have read was about the 13 year old”s porn stash. while i was reading that article i was not at all surprised. the child is very young but it is easy for child to access anything or the internet or the tv.

  18. The two articles I read were “Ill stop procrastinating later” and “texting:can we pull the plug on our obsession?”.

    The first article “ill stop procrastinating later” was very interesting. It was full of helpful ideas on ways to stop your procrastinating. Such as creating deadlines for yourself, I tought this was kind of a clever way to get yourself to complete your assignments early and on time. Also the bookend was kind of cool to because I found for myself that if I call or talk to someone and say what Im going to do such as read or write a paper, I find myself doing it quicker than if i kind of just put it on the back burner.

    The second article “texting:can we pull the plug on our obsession?” was eye opening. I thought it was kind of funny about some of the incidences that occured due to texting, like the women who walked straight into the fountain. I also found the results of the experiment and how some people couldn’t last through the mere task of not using there cell phones for 24 hours, due to “feeling lost”, “almost going crazy” etc. Todays generation is so dependant on there smartphones nothing surprises me.

  19. procrastination probably effected all of us to the point where we just didnt get the job done at some time or another. these tips are pretty usefull especially dedicating blocks of time, and telling someone youre going to get the job done by a certain time.

    i think alot of students don’t study every day. probably because it seems useless until youre told that you have a test on it, and then they start to study harder but for a shorter period of time. the 15 min before and 15 min after seems like a really good idea though and im going to try it

  20. My two articles were “i’ll stop procrastinating later” and “Texting: can we pull the plug on our obsession?”

    Procrastination is one of the worst things that has ever happened to any human being on the earth. I believe that it is the one quality that we all share. People are worse with it than others but it doesnt mean that they are lazy because they get the job sooner or later with the same effort because they always want to have it done with effort.

    Texting makes me completely oblivious to the world. When I’m texting I ignore about everybody when im walking by someone and they try to talk to me. I am not the best multi tasker in the world so once I am doing something its done for whoever wants to talk to me.


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