Posted by: Anne E. Stuart | May 4, 2012

Reflections for the Last Day of Classes

Today was the last day of classes for the semester and for the 2011-2012 Academic Year. We have finals next week, and graduation on May 20th.

With the ending of the academic year, I am wrapping up my 10th year at my school. It’s hard to believe that much time has gone by. Seems like only yesterday I was wrapping up my doctoral studies, buying a house, and looking over my shoulder for someone else when my students called me “professor” in the hallway.  Now, I don’t even flinch. I’m still one of the youngest faculty members on my campus, but I’m no longer the new kid. I had a conversation this afternoon that reinforced to me just how comfortably I’ve grown into my position on campus.

Some days my job drives me crazy. But at the end of the day, there still are a lot of parts of my job that I love. Seeing my students develop from brand new freshmen to somewhat cocky seniors still makes me smile. I am particularly proud of my Experimental Psychology students who all did an outstanding (not just in my opinion, but I’ve heard from MANY people on campus) job at yesterday’s poster session. I love to see them owning their work and proudly sharing it with the campus community. I hope they see the benefits of all the hard work they put in over the course of the semester.

I also want to thank my Honors Seminar students for bearing with Dr. Khoury and me as we taught a brand-new, never-before-tried integrated course on Social Influence. There were some bumps, and, to be honest, at times I’m not certain Dr. Khoury and I knew exactly what the outcome of a particular class session would be. But you all did a good job with what you had for your change campaigns. I’m also very excited to see that you did see the connections between all the pieces of the course. Dr. Khoury and I have our own notes for changes in the future, but feel free to drop either of us an email with your thoughts.

I have a lot of plans for this summer – both in terms of work and home stuff. But first, I have to get through grading papers and finals.

I do want to make one final Thank You to my PSY102 students for following and comment on the blog (and/or on Twitter). You guys kept me motivated to get posts up each week, even when it was the last thing I wanted to do. I hope you keep following in the future and feel free to comment along the way.

Good luck to all my students on their finals and congratulations to all my seniors who are graduating and heading off into the “real world”.



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