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Friday Five – January 27, 2012

This was a busy week. I just didn’t have the time to follow through and read as many links, so I don’t think I retweeted as many links as past weeks. I did eventually pick out five links to share for this week. Psychology (Kendra Cherry) – January 26, 2012

Test your psychology knowledge with this web-based multiple choice test covering general psychology (for my students, the questions include material from BOTH PSY101 and PSY102). For reference, I missed 1 question. I strongly suspect it was a personality theory question. Seeing that I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool SOCIAL psychologist, I’m o.k. missing one question on personality theory. Psychology (Kendra Cherry)

Like the name of this blog says, there’s more to psychology than crazy people (or the study of abnormal human behavior & thought). Not only is psychology a popular major, it is also a highly useful major. As Kendra Cherry points out, a psychology major can open the door to numerous careers – not just those in the obvious psychology areas. I know several successful business managers who credit their success in business to their background in psychology.

Psychology Today: Choke (Sian Beilock) – January 25, 2012

In her Choke blog for Psychology Today, Sian Beilock writes about recent research* (Shalev & Bargh, 2011) that has revealed that some parts of the brain that process information about temperature also process information about emotions such as loneliness. Researchers, Shalev and Bargh of Yale University, used both correlational and experimental methodology to demonstrate that physical warmth helps ease the negative emotions of loneliness.

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Dan Berrett) – January 25, 2011

A year ago, University of Chicago Press published Academically Adrift by Richard Arum and Josipa Roska, an eye-opening book about the academic performance of college students in the United States. In this Chronicle of Higher Education article, Dan Berrett writes about a follow-up study* by Arum and Roksa. In their follow-up on the SAME students they studied in Academically Adrift, Arum and Roska find that those students struggling in college are now struggling in regards to employment and lifestyle.

Montreal Gazette (Hannah Hoag – Special to the Gazette) – January 22, 2012

In this article, Hannah Hoag reports on a variety of research* that demonstrates the same outcome: Human willpower is a limited resource and making many decisions depletes this resource. The current phrase for the phenomenon is “decision fatigue”, but the idea has its origins in research by Walter Mischel in the 1960s.

*Note to students: Yes, I always say you shouldn’t cite a secondary source in place of the primary source. I still say that, but deviate from my own advice here due to the purpose of my blog posts. I’m not trying to use the current articles as support for my own ideas. I’m just trying to make you aware of the original research.


  1. •10 Great Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree

    After reading this article i come to find that it is very applicable to me and others I know that are interested in earning a psychology degree. However, out of the ten reasons mentioned, i found that “The Job Outlook for Psychology Majors is Good” was more interesting. I found it to be new information for me. I didnt know the psycology field would be in such demand in the future. Most people think that nurses and doctors are more in demand in terms of employment. I also find that not many people know the importance of a psychologist.The majority of the people are unable to define psychology itself. They strictly believe its just about crazy people,social work or some kind of councelor job.

    •Feeling Lonely? Take a Warm Bath

    After reading this article I thought, WOW!. I never believed there was such connection bathing with warm water and feeling lonely. I personally love taking super warm shower. Very long ones too. Could that mean that all this time i have been replacing lonelyness with warmth? In the artcle it said that “at an unconscious level we see loneliness as a social coldness; a negative emotional state that can be tempered through physical warmth.”
    I feel that this statement is uncounciously true.

  2. I think the article on Decision Fatigue was supremely interesting and not that all surprising. I understand how decision making can cause one to be tired of making decisions. I pretty much gave up on finding a course I actually wanted to take this semester and instead chose a course that met one of the requirements. With so many items out there as options, there is more chance of someone not actually getting what they want.

    The article on warm baths was just as interesting. I know for a fact that I don’t have very many people who I consider close friends and I do have a proclivity for long showers. It doesn’t seem to surprise me that much about warmth making people feel less lonely, but it does surprise me that there is such a strong correlation. The next time I see my friend who bathes twice a day, I’ll tell her about this article.

  3. Andrew S

    •‘Adrift’ in Adulthood: Students Who Struggled in College Find Life Harsher After Graduation

    I agree that civic learning should be a central goal of higher education. However, universities do not seem to have it as a goal.I feel that young adults just arent as interested in becoming involved as they used to so the importance really needs to be stressed

    •10 Great Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree
    These were definetly 10 great reasons.Having a degree in Psychology is extremely beneficial. That is why right now I am minoring in it and may possibly have it as a second major.

  4. 10 Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree

    After reading this article, I became more confident in my choice to major in psychology. The link to Sports Psychology was also very helpful because that is the direction I am leaning towards in the psychology field. This link allowed me to gather more information on this particular career option.

    The Article Feeling Lonely? Take a Warm Bath

    This article was interesting because I have never noticed the association between temperature and feelings. It makes sense that temperature can be used to help control ones feelings

  5. -“Taking the psychology 101 quiz”. I took the quiz and thought that I was doing pretty well! I know that I did great on questions dealing with anatomy and questions on theories. I think what made me get 24 out of 43 (55%) was the questions about specific psychologists and their theories. For the record, I took general psyc in 2009 so I’m assuming information evaporated over the years.

    -“Decisions: We’re Maxed Out Say Montreal Researchers”. First of all I want to say that the way psychological experiments are done never ceases to amaze me. In the experiment on how making a lot of decisions lowers self-control, submerging a hand in ice water for as long as they could would have been the last way of testing the theory that I would think of, then again I’m no psychologist.
    I can relate to the article though. I find driving very draining mainly because of all the decisions involved in driving. Should I speed up, slow down, when to press gas, brake, clutch, change gears, what gear I should be in, should I pass grandpa in front of me etc. I drive 35 minutes to work and find that I’m exhausted before my shift even starts! Driving related stress probably may be a factor as well but that’s another issue.

  6. 10 Great Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree
    I found this to be an interesting article because not only will there be a great chance for people with psych degrees to get jobs in the future, but i also feel that the course and having the degree in the specific major could help towards other majors such as physical therapy. The way it helps is preparing you to deal with the mental capacities of other people you will interact with and I think that goes with any major you will always interact with people.

    Feeling Lonely? Take a Warm Bath
    Now I don’t seem to agree with this article because I do have a good number of friends and I also love to take long warm showers sometimes hot but never do I feel loneliness would cause me to take a shower such as this.

  7. * 10 Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree.
    While reading this article I noticed that Psychology is indeed a great degree to choose. That is if you are interested in how humans progress in life, and how we think about certain things. Psychology has a very wide variety of things you can choose to do with a degree, I think that is the best part. The article states that Psychology can be fun, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. You get to work with all different types of people and will always be learning something new about Psychology.

    *Feeling lonely? Take a warm bath
    As soon as I read the title to this article I was intrigued. I asked myself some questions about what I thought the article would be stating. As I went and read the article, I noticed that humans really do refer to people sometimes as temperatures. For instance, saying that person is cold- hearted. I have caught myself doing this in many different situations. I think it’s very interesting how the article states that, if you enter a warm bath or shower you won’t feel as “alone” as you did before you entered. It doesn’t surprise me that this is article is true. It makes total sense to me and I have even witnessed it in my own life recently.


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